The Ukrainian farmers have the first-hand knowledge of LIRA tooth harrows, LOZOVA MACHINERY. For more than 16 years of successful exploitation on the fields of Ukrainian farmers LIRA has received the status of "legendary" harrow for its unpretentiousness, reliability and the highest quality of soil tillage. This year the range of tooth harrows was supplemented with new implements. The long-awaited novelties for farmers became LIRA XL heavy tooth harrows with working width of 15 m and 21 m that can be equipped with drag harrows.


The LIRA XL harrows (15 and 21 m) are equipped with frames with five rows of teeth with diameter of 16 mm and height of 762 mm, set on the parallelogram.

Like other implements of the tooth harrows line, LIRA XL is distinguished with durability and good teeth life, which is three times higher than other producers have.

Another advantage of the novelties is adjustable tilt angle – 45°-90° and the possibility to adjust the spring pressure on the soil from 400 to 860 kg.

The uniqueness is proved by ability to carry out 5 operations in one pass:
— early spring harrowing and loosening of the surface at the depth of 2-10 cm, retaining the moisture;
— encouraging the weeds germination with their further destruction;
— levelling the field surface and seedbed preparation;
— incorporation of fertilizers and pesticides;
— even spreading of stubble remains.

Parallelogram suspension of separate work sections allows to keep contact with a rough soil. Thus, the degree of soil contour following is significantly higher than by section mounting on the wrap springs. The farmers get soil layer with uniform thickness and reliable seeds incorporation.

In addition, the equipping with cables for additional rigidity of the wings, that in contrast to rods, allow to provide perfect turning maneuvering and reduce pressures affecting the frame. Therefore, the overall dimensions of the harrow do not complicate the work. The important point is a convenience of exploitation. It is easy to fold and unfold LIRA XL from transport to work position and vice versa.

A number of design solutions significantly increase the productivity of LIRA XL heavy tooth harrows, which is up to 25 ha/hour.

All LOZOVA MACHINERY implements are designed with taking into account Ukrainian farmers' needs, so they are adapted for domestic tractors. In particular, LIRA XL-15 is trailed with tractors from 160 hp and LIRA XL-21 – with tractors from 300 hp.

Presentation of new units on the Ukrainian market took place in February this year within the largest international exhibition Grain Tech Expo, where the farmers were interested in the innovative domestically produced agricultural machinery, allowing to run the farming effectively.

In order to achieve maximum productivity you can purchase drag harrow with working width 15/21 m which is equipped with sixteen rows of rhomb-shaped teeth that allows to loose and smooth the most solid soil layer.

These implements passed the tests on the base of training research test center of Nikolayev National Agrarian University. According to the test results LIRA XL-15 and LIRA XL-21 showed positive results, even in conditions of huge amount of stubble remains. The novelties were tested on wheat and corn stubbles, and they also completed tillage after under-winter ploughing. Working tools also proved their reliability and power. The specialists of one of the largest agrarian university of the country noted that these implements of LOZOVA MACHINERY are not the first, which have passed successful tests on their fields, and add that the machinery work is not worse than leading foreign analogues.

Currently LIRA XL-15 and LIRA XL-21 in two modifications (drag and heavy tooth harrows) are to be put in serial production, and to fulfill farmers’ requirements.

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