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On the rights to use information on the website http://harp.ua

Site KHARKOV BEARING PLANT (HARP) belongs to the UPEC Industrial Group

All rights for information posted on the website are protected in accordance with the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, other international legal acts, as well as Ukrainian legislation, including the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Copyright and Related Rights".

The information for the purposes of these rules means all materials that are posted on the website, including without limitation to: text materials (articles, news, texts, etc.), pictures, illustrations, images, drawings, audio and video materials , presentations, graphics, diagrams, logos, interface elements, website design and so on (hereinafter – materials).

Property rights of intellectual property for information posted on the website, including graphics, design of the site, except of specially agreed cases, belong to the owner of the website.

Use of materials in any way, including copying, reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, sale, publication, modification (editing), supplementation, transfer, regardless of their full or partial use for purposes other than personal, without written consent of the owner of the website (legal owner) is not allowed.

Citing of the website materials, including copyrighted works of authorship, is permitted in case of observation of the following rules:

— when reproducing information materials, the revision of their original text is not allowed. Reduction, supplementation or re-arrangement of parts of material is allowed only in cases when it does not lead to a distortion of its original meaning;

— any citing on web pages of other resources requires a direct working hypertext link to the website as a source of information;

— with any citing on the pages of printed publications, a link to the website should be placed as a source of information, mentioning the name of the author of the initial information material.

The fact of visiting this website or any of its pages is considered to be a confirmation of the visitors' acquaintance and consent with the above-stated basic rules for using the materials posted on the website.

Non-compliance with the above rules violates copyrights and entails the involvement of guilty persons in civil, administrative and criminal liability