One of the first stages of soil preparation before the seeding is the early spring harrowing for crust destruction, weeds eradication, even distribution of stubble remains on the field and other operations. LIRA spring-tooth harrow of LOZOVA MACHINERY helps the farmers to cope with these operations for more than 16 years. It deserved farmers trust and status of the legendary harrow due to its simplicity, reliability and high quality of soil tillage. Application of LIRA together with REAL, the complex for applying fertilizers and means of plant protection, will double the effect of the soil tillage. Let's go through everything point by point.

Indeed, for the years of perfect work LIRA spring-tooth harrow acquired a reputation of qualitative and reliable product, and Ukrainian farmers have first-hand knowledge of it.

Aleksandr Melnik, the head of MAYAK farming (Sakhnovschina village, Kharkov Region) pointed out that he is more than just satisfied with work and efficiency of LIRA-24 for 10 years of its exploration. «Every season we use LIRA spring tooth harrow for moisture retaining, soil tillage before the wheat seeding, herbicides incorporating. Due to large working width it is required only several passes of the implement. The soil becomes soft and the surface becomes smooth after using of LIRA. Before purchasing this implement, my friend always asked me the same question – how can I run the farming without LIRA harrow? After purchasing I understand myself that LIRA is indispensable in farming and it didn't let me down», – shares the farmer his impression.

Even today the farmers prefer legendary LIRA. Thus, Igor Tikhanov, the head of FANTASIA farming (Novoajdar village, Lugansk Region), bought LIRA-24 spring-tooth harrow last year. He has already tilled 100 ha and estimated the implement benefits: «The harrow worked perfectly. It is qualitative and efficient harrow. It cultivated the field thoroughly and accurately. The result of LIRA exploration pleased us last season, so we expect for higher productivity this year. The main load on the implement is planned for the spring works».

The outstanding scientists prove the uniqueness of LIRA tooth harrow according to the results of tests, which were conducted on the fields of large science-research centers of the country. Thus, Deputy Director for scientific and experimental work of UkrNIIPIT named after L. Pogoreliy, Victor Pogoreliy points out: «LOZOVA MACHINERY offers the best tooth harrows with adjusted teeth for today».

Indeed, one of the main advantages of LIRA spring harrow range is adjusted teeth tilt angle – 15◦-90◦ – that provides tillage at various depths.

«LOZOVA MACHINERY offers the best tooth harrows with adjusted teeth for today»

One more advantage of LIRA harrow teeth is a high lifetime: it is three times higher that tooth of other producers owing to high-quality special steel with double hardening.

Working sections of LIRA harrows consist of five rows of spring teeth with diameter of 10 mm that provides qualitative soil tillage without non-cultivated areas, even distribution of stubble remains on the field and field smoothness. The vibration effect provides blockage-free work of teeth and perfect loosening. In addition, LIRA perfectly follows the complex field contours even in hard stubble remains conditions.

Unlike the ordinary car tyres, low-pressure agricultural tyres allow to minimize the damage of crop plants when the implement moves on shoots, exclude excessive soil compaction, impacting on the plants growth and development.

LIRA spring harrow destructs the weeds not less than by 95% and retain moisture and provide air access to the seeds at the same time. Besides harrowing the implement accomplishes incorporating of seeds and mineral fertilizes, straw picking and windrowing, destructing the weeds in the “white thread” phase. The tillage is completed two times quicker due to large working width, 15 and 24 m. Moreover the overall dimensions don't complicate the transportation. The tractor driver can fold and unfold LIRA harrow himself.

LOZOVA MACHINERY offers a harrow, which is simple in use, economical and achieves maximum effect.

Such technical data of LIRA as operating depth (up to 9 cm), operating speed (up to 15 km/h), efficiency (22,8 ha/h), fuel consumption (0,8-1,5 l/ha) prove the high effectiveness and save the energy resources. The tillage costs for 1 ha, using LIRA tooth harrow is less by 30% in comparison to domestic analogs and 2,5 times less in comparison to foreign machinery. All this allowed LIRA to conquer the glory of enduring, energy efficient and productive agricultural machinery among farmers and it makes it truly legendary.

This year the range of tooth harrows was supplemented with new implements. The long-awaited novelties for farmers became LIRA XL heavy tooth harrows with working width of 15 m and 21 m that can be equipped with drag harrows.

LIRA + REAL is a good decision for tillage

If you want to double the tillage effect, use LIRA spring harrow with complex for application of liquid mineral fertilizes and means of plants protection REAL of LOZOVA MACHINERY that includes trailed sprayer for active substance (capacity 2,5-5 m³) with a set of equipment, easily mounted on the harrow.

In one pass REAL provides incorporation of substances at the optimal depth (3-5 cm) with their surface treatment. It guarantees their effectiveness, almost excludes the loss of the active substances due to evaporation or wind blowing and also considerably reduces the exploitation costs. There is no sprayer on the Ukrainian market that can provide such results.

Consider yourself. There is no any effect when the herbicides are sprayed on the surface, especially in dry weather, as the big amount of the substance just vaporizes. Moreover, the blowing of the substance and its destruction under the sun rise is possible. There is necessity in additional pass for incorporation that leads to expenditure of time and fuel, and the high price for fuel shall be taken into account. Moreover, the soil is tilled additionally that has negative effect. With the small degree of herbicides incorporation by light spring harrows, for example, the large amount of the substance vaporizes, as it contacts with atmosphere. With too deep incorporation of herbicides and fertilizers the bigger part of active substance is put lower than seeds, and this reduces their effectiveness.

So, REAL not only copes with its functions, but also demonstrates energy efficient way of gentle soil tillage.

In order to achieve even substance spreading across whole working width of LIRA, REAL is equipped with a high-qualitative control unit ARAG and axial-piston pump Annovi Reverberi driven by tractor PTO. Thus, the farmers can avoid non-cultivated areas on the field surface during incorporation of fertilizes and plants protecting agents, and consequently reduction of yields.

The complex REAL + LIRA allows to increase the efficiency of the incorporated substance, minimize its consumption and load on the environmental system of the world through the momentary incorporating of liquid substance of tooth-spring harrow.

What could be better for farmers than a tandem that allows to simplify and accelerate field work hundred times? Aleksandr Shevchenko, director of JLLC PROTOPOPOVSKOE (Protopopovka village, Balakliya district, Kharkov region) has been using the complex LIRA + REAL since 2012 and during this time agricultural machinery proved its effectiveness. «The machinery has shown its reliability and endurance for 5 years of exploitation and work on over 5 000 ha. It is characterized by high speed and productivity. The soil is soft and smooth after the tillage. The most important is that it perfectly copes with fertilizes incorporating and provides minimization of fuel and mineral fertilizes consumption due to incorporation in one pass. Before we spent more time and fuel for same operation – we spread fertilizes in one pass and then incorporated them with second pass. LOZOVA MACHINERY offered an excellent solution for this operation!» – notes the farmer.

The unit for application of liquid substances and plant protection agents REAL in complex with tooth spring harrow LIRA is unique solution of tillage agricultural machinery with implementation of the intellectual component for modern energy efficient agriculture.

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