It is strategically important for each farming to create conditions for increasing yields and achieving the greatest fertility of their land. The Ukrainian farmers know that «tо reap good harvest you have to work hard in spring». The harrowing is the most famous, relatively affordable and economically profitable way to increase soil productivity. This process helps to protect soil from drying out, to smooth its surface, to destroy a crust and “white thread” weeds. The harrowing efficiency depends on terms of its accomplishment and well chosen implement, that carries out the whole process.


DINAR rotary harrow of LOZOVA MACHINERY is an implement that consists of seventy two wheels-stars on balance suspension. Every solid-cast star is made of high-qualitative cast iron with diameter of 534 mm. Such heavy harrow is used for cultivation of tillage, industrial and cereal crops. DINAR is trailed with tractors with power of 120 hp and its working width is 6,4 meters.

In contrast to rigid suspension, the balance set of the stars provides their constant contact with the soil, reduces the dynamic load on the bearings. Stars with oblique tooth allow to vary the intensity of tillage by the implement. So, in the first mode, stars with oblique tooth provide vertical tooth penetration in the soil with “micro-explosion”. The damage of crop plants is up to 1% and it is 10 times less of other similar implements. The second mode provides increased intensity of impact on the soil, which is perfect for the tillage of stubble.

It is to be noted that the producers of DINAR harrow did their best to simplify the life of farmers as much as possible. Each tine is mounted to the frame by one bolt. Such fast mounting reduce efforts when changing tines for different inter-rows. The implement is equipped additionally with spring teeth for additional weeds destruction in the “white thread” phase.

The implement advantage is hydraulically foldable frame that minimizes the load on the tractor's hinged system and provides compactness of the implement during transportation. The working width of the implement in folded position is 3 meters. In addition, the harrow is equipped with special wheels that allow to control the depth of stars penetration in the soil.

In spite of DINAR is a novelty on the agricultural machinery market, some farmers have already tested it. The head of the branch of AIC Dokuchaevsk Chernozems (Poltava Region, Karlovka) Aleksander Domnich shared his experience of DUCAT application:

«As against to inter-row cultivators, which we used before, the harrow doesn't damage the plants roots and it can easily work on slopes without a damage of crops. The harrow perfectly copes with crust and weeds». Aleksander Domnich pointed out the efficiency of the harrow: «For one shift this implement can tillage about 60 hectares with fuel consumption from 1,8-2,5 liter per unit area. For example, 4 liters are spent per one hectare using inter-row cultivator. The economy is evident».

LOZOVA MACHINERY has many times demonstrated to Ukrainian farmers that it is possible to produce a range of highly efficient and economical machinery in our country, which aren't worse than foreign analogues. At the same time, the prices of implements and spare parts are much more affordable, which is definitely a competitive advantage. The latest technological developments were used by producing DINAR rotary harrow, and the effect of its application is more than positive. It will become a real breakthrough on the agricultural machinery market of domestic production.

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