The activity of domestic producers has recently increased significantly. The reason for this was the serious fluctuations of the exchange rate, which did not remain unnoticed for foreign producers of agricultural machinery. The share of foreign machinery significantly decreased in the last 1,5 – 2 years, which provided a number of opportunities for Ukrainian producers of the implements to expand their presence in the Ukrainian market. Taking into account the economic situation in the country, the activity of domestic machinery producers will only increase.


In a difficult economic situation, when the farmers face the issue of machinery purchasing, the problems of efficiency and quick payback of implements become the most important. Moreover, many farms have already experienced the application of foreign machinery. They are interested in buying the machinery that is similar to the foreign analogs in functional characteristics and price-performant. DUCAT disc harrows of Ukrainian producer LOZOVA MACHINERY relate to such implements.

In DUCAT disc harrows there are a number of design solutions, such as unmaintained bearing unit and unique spring tine, which are embodied and adopted for local soil-climatic conditions. These solutions are inherent in leading European producers and the domestic machinery producers almost don't adopt them.

DUCAT has been working in farming ALTAIR (Lugansk Region) for about a year. "I had been choosing for a long time and considered another foreign implement, but it was expensive. Then we tried domestic machinery, but we didn't like that the bearings started to untwist. I purchased DUCAT 5 and none bearing unit has failed since 2014! We don't need to tighten them or something else to do. Very convenient" – says the owner of the farming Popov Viktor.

HARP AGRO UNIT bearing unit (used in DUCAT) is better than other serviced units as DUCAT has a sealed double row ball bearing with reinforced rings (forged) and German seal Simrit, which protects from dust and dirt. There is originally the American lubricant Chevron in the bearing and this bearing unit is tightened with certain efforts that do not require additional tightening.

DUCAT-5 is a unique implement with working width of 5,25 m. It is trailed with tractors of 160-180 hp, which is an unattainable indicator for all domestic producers.

«It turned out that the capacity of the tractor was able to provide high-quality work at the speed of 12 km/h and at a depth of 8-12 cm, working on stubble and sunflower. I believe that spring tine is a good design solution, which gives an undeniable advantage over the harrow on a rigid tine»- frankly told Popov Viktor. Indeed, spring tines allow the implement with larger working width to be trailed with tractors. This indicator is ensured by the fact that the spring tine doesn't crush the ground, but cuts and lightens the mounted system of the tractor and provides fuel economy.

The working tools are crucial elements of any implement, as they have a very heavy load. In comparison with stationary tines, spring tines cause fears among farmers, especially among those who had no experience with similar foreign implements, and worked only with classical domestic harrows on a stationary tines. Farming MAZHUGA: «I have been working for several seasons, I am satisfied with the work, and DUCAT harrow is unique due to its tine. I tillage at the depth of 7 cm and very satisfied. The tine is reliable, springy and it has cultivated for 2 seasons 600 hectares. Only one tine has broken and we have put from spares» - told the head of the farming.

The farming TKACH (Dnipro Region) is also satisfied with DUCAT work: «We saw the machinery at the exhibition and we were very interested in the construction of the implement, but there were doubts. But on the first day of work we understood that the purchase will justify and payback a few more times. Now the work of the implement comes to more than 1200 hectares. The harrow is used intensively by working at a depth of 10 cm. The design is very good. I use it even when the soil is overdried. The tractor works smoothly. We are very satisfied.» - said Vasily Tkach, head of the farming.

DUCAT's tine is made of spring steel at Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant, which has unique forging production and huge experience in producing complex products. «In fact, we have a fracture of tines less than 1% of all working tines. The spare tines and a guarantee of 1 year are provided for each implement» - confirms the words of farmers Sales Director of LOZOVA MACHINERY Aleksandr Titov. «Despite the high level of competition, including with foreign companies, farmers have already preferred the tilling implements of LOZOVA MACHINERY to foreign analogues. Today, for example, many farmers are going to buy the second and third harrow, – continues Alexandr Titov.

LOZOVA MACHINERY is modern agricultural machinery, which is produced by Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ) and represented by a wide range of energy-efficient and innovative products. Today tillage and seeding implements of LOZOVA MACHINERY not only successfully compete with the leading world analogues, but also surpass them by some features as they are adapted to Ukrainian farmers' needs.

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