It isn't a secret that the basis of the heavy yield is timely and qualitative seedbed cultivation. The mistakes made in the seedbed preparation can be costly for farmers: in addition to the strong soil clogging there is also crop losses up to 20% and above. So, farmers reasonably impose the highest requirements for seedbed cultivation implements. In addition, all farmers’ efforts are aimed at achieving maximum productivity per unit of time in today's agricultural economy. Therefore, modern farmers prefer multitasking machinery that copes with performing simultaneously several operations on the soil preparation that promotes the reducing the number of the tractor passes on the field and it is not only reduces the total fuel consumption, but also prevents soil consolidation.

CHERVONETS universal energy-efficient seedbed cultivator of LOZOVA MACHINERY– one of the most productive one-pass equipment, providing high-quality full-fledged seedbed cultivation for one pass.

Moreover, CHERVONETS has an economic benefit, providing less cost ploughing. The implement allows to provide qualitative seedbed cultivation after ploughing for one pass, spending 4 l/ha of fuel at the same time. CHERVONETS provides tillage up to 10 ha/h due to working width of 8 meters. It is not less important that it is trailed with tractors with power of 130-170 hp, the most widespread on the Ukrainian territory.

Despite the fact that CHERVONETS has declared itself on the market only in 2015, the first farmers have already esteemed its high functionality and efficiency in soil tillage.

The owner of the farming LEVADA K (Kiev Region, Boguslavsky district) Nikolay Vysotenko preferred CHERVONETS, when choosing seedbed cultivator.

«I chose CHERVONETS with the «duckfoot» tine. Our fields are on the high slope, and earlier there was a problem of working tools and tines breakdown at turns during cultivation. CHERVONETS copes perfectly with tillage on the turns and causes no problems due to more narrow tines and simple adjustment of tillage depth».

It is necessary to point out that CHERVONETS can be equipped with various tines (both with spring-loading and without) and working tools for failure-free work on any types of soils: duckfoot tine (for solid weeds cutting), "goose tine" (multi-purpose), revolving chisel tip (for deeper tillage or work on rough soils). CHERVONETS is equipped with the bodies of leading producers of spare parts, like BELLOTA (Spain) and Ama (Italy).

The owner of the farming LEVADA K thinks that another advantage of LOZOVA MACHINERY implement is that it can be both mounted and semi-trailed.

«Taking into account the slopes, I can use the implement as semi-trailed, without fear of toppling over the equipment at the turns and good quality of the tillage at the problem areas. The using of the implement in mounted way is convenient for those farmers, who have flat fields", – points out Nikolay Vysotenko and summarizes: – In general, CHERVONETS showed perfect results in seedbed cultivation. The soil is perfect for any seeding after its cultivation. I’m absolutely satisfied with the purchase».

It is necessary to point out one of the design features of CHERVONETS – the S-shaped spring tine, which creates favorable conditions for optimal water-air regime in the soil. The elastic deformation of the tine leads to the oscillating movement of the shares in the soil, which vibrate both in the direction of movement and in the lateral direction and in the same time ensure the minimum movement in height. Due to this the strict maintenance of the necessary depth of tillage is guaranteed, the quality of crumbling is increased, draught resistance is reduced that helps to prevent the working tool from blockage with soil and stubble remains. The distance between the working tools of 125 mm contributes to the high-quality processing of the soil along the entire width of the unit.

The farmers know that the soil should be slightly sealed after loosening to prevent evaporation of moisture. The rollers of CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator care about this. The sprouts are supplied with moisture due to soil consolidation. This creates the best conditions for emergency of even harmonious sprouts and thus favour to picking heavy yields. The optimal soil crumbling and smoothing is provided by the swinging suspension of double tooth rollers, their different diameter and shape (pipe and tooth) and also full cover of the implement working width by the rollers.

All these technical features and some other design features allow CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator to work in different conditions on different soil types, creating perfect seedbed.

The huge experience of Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant is reflected in deep preparing for production, in maintenance of strict quality control of metal and all producing technologies. It also puts agricultural implements of LOZOVA MACHINERY in one line with the best foreign analogs and in the same time provides affordable prices as domestic producer.

Choosing the strategy of import-substitution and get into trend, LOZOVA MACHINERY continues to put the new energy-efficient modern tillage implements to the market, caring about the soil and realizing the farmer’s needs!

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