Ducat-6: it's time to till!

Ducat-6: it's time to till!
The yield of any crop depends on properly prepared soil. This is an obvious fact. And one of the most important tasks is to choose the best tillage technologies. Stubble ploughing; basic, minor, seedbed soil preparation for cereals, technical and fodder crops, for sowing of winter crops on a seeded fallow; chopping and incorporation of plant remains of previous crops and weed vegetation – all this is the specialization of the DUCAT disc harrow from LOZOVA MACHINERY - the only Ukrainian manufacturer of the full line of harrows with a working width from 2,5 to 16,75 m.

New LOZOVA MACHINERY product: 6-meter harrow DUCAT-6

The main advantage of the new harrow is an incredible efficiency - increased by 25% even in comparison with the DUCAT-5 harrow, which itself is 1,5 times more effective than conventional harrows.

The harrow can be mounted to the low-power tractors from 170 hp.

DUCAT-6 is equipped with 50 discs with diameter of 566 mm. The working width is 6,25 m. The harrow intensively mixes soil and plant mass, chops and distributes straw with a high durability in harsh conditions, providing good seedbed preparation.

The fuel consumption is 30% lower, while efficiency is 1,5 times higher, and it is possible to work without blocking at high speeds (up to 20 km/h).

DUCAT-6 is assembled with:

• spring tine (protects bearing unit);

• super reliable HARP AGRO UNIT (maintenance-free);

• discs made of high-quality hardened boron steel from Bellota.

Another important feature is no-use of disc gang with a single axis, which makes it possible to work in moisture conditions with a lot of plant mass, while blocking of inter-discs space is eliminated.

A spring 3D tine protects bearing unit and enables to follow field contours, to work on fields with a lot of stones, and eliminates rising of the harrow.

Thus, the DUCAT-6 disc harrow shows the best innovative solutions of our engineers, multiplying advantages of the other harrow from this line, saving you time and costs.

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