An independent expertise of the gulden subsoiler

An independent expertise of the gulden subsoiler

In August 2017 in Krasnopavlovka village (Lozova district, Kharkiv region) the UkrNDIPVT named after L. Pogoreliy tested the GULDEN subsoiler, manufactured by LOZOVA MACHINERY.

The task was to determine water retention of the soil treated with GULDEN in comparison with the untreated soil with stubble according to the method of UkrNDIPVT named after L. Pogoreliy.


Subsoiler assembled with deep loosening tines and additional plowshares provides the highest specific water penetration, which in the initial phase is 2,7 times higher than the same value of the untreated soil with stubble.

In general, after 30 minutes of observations we get 4 times increase in the integral water penetration compared to the control field.

Subsoiler with only deep loosening tines working at depth of 45 cm, provides in the initial phase the 1,8 times higher specific retention and 2,2 times higher integral retention compared to control field.

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