harp bearings - the best solution for effective farming and agricultural machinery
In the modern world, virtually no production of equipment, machinery and vehicles can do without the use of bearings. These are relatively small, but extremely important components. After all, the bearings provide the rotation of the shaft or axis, while reducing the energy loss.
The highest requirements to the quality and strength of bearings are made in the field of agricultural machinery. This is not surprising, if you recall in what difficult conditions agricultural machinery works. Dust, dirt, moisture, high temperatures and extreme loads during the season are just some of the difficulties waiting for agro-bearings.

No one knows more about what the bearings for agricultural machinery should be than the specialists of the Kharkov and Oskol Bearing plants that produce bearings under the trademark HARP. Almost seventy years of design and production experience allows the company to create one of the best bearings in the world. Specialists of the plant were able to take into account all the specifics of the work of farmers and created a whole range of products for the agricultural sector - HARP-AGRО bearings and HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units. HARP AGRO UNIT.

Bearings of this line proved to be strong, reliable and wear-resistant. Their tightness and dimensional accuracy makes it possible to use these parts in units and agricultural equipment intended for extreme loads. For even greater protection, HARP-AGRO bearings are manufactured with reinforced sealing of increased tightness of X-SHIELD (bearing number is indicated by the K10 index).

The seal of increased tightness X-SHIELD is a unique development of HARP, which allows the bearings to function effectively even in extreme conditions for agricultural machinery, in the dustiest, dirty or damp environment. Such durability is achieved due to the fact that in addition to the internal multi-compaction seal with modern lubricants, the outer side of the bearing is metallic, which means that the possibility of hitting straw and dirt in its internal cavity is completely excluded.

An additional advantage of such bearings is the separator made of polyamide. The low weight and singular elasticity of this material significantly increase the serviceability of the bearing during braking, acceleration and high loads, as well as with mutual skewing of the rings.

HARP AGRO bearings are used by many well-known manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The Rostselmash combine harvesters manufactured at the Krasnoyarsk combine harvester plant, the Gomselmash combine harvesters, tractors manufactured aat the Minsk, Kharkov and Volgograd tractor plants, the Avtokraz and the Chervona zirka are just a small list of recognized industrial giants that complete their products with these high-quality bearings.


Another innovative development of the Kharkov Bearing Plant is a range of HARP AGRO UNIT hub bearing units. These are integral, unattended units designed specifically for tillage and sowing equipment.

The unique reliability of HARP AGRO UNIT is achieved through the use of three-level protection:

• To prevent high soil pressure, a labyrinth dissector is applied to the seal;
• Protection against mechanical damage is provided by the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Simrit) cassette seal;
• Protection from aggressive environmental conditions (humidity, dust, dirt), typical for soil processing, is achieved through a special lip seal built into the bearing;
• Undoubted advantage of the assembly for users is its ease of installation, which can be performed even in the field.

Special attention deserves the bearing used in the assembly. Its resource is not less than 6000 machine hours. The bearing does not require lubrication, and its ring blanks are hot stamped, which significantly increases its wear resistance.

Another important advantage is the possibility of replacing the bearing without replacing the body! In the HARP AGRO UNIT, the replacement of the bearing, if necessary, is not difficult and can be done in any workshop.


In 2016, Kharkov Bearing Plant started production of Y-type bearings - YAR, YET, YEL analogues and canister assemblies on their basis. This is a new generation of bearings that has been developed for use in seeding, tillage and harvesting equipment of such world leading manufacturers as John Deere, Claas, Case, New Holland, Lemken and others.

In the development of this line, all the features of the design of agricultural machinery of leading manufacturers, as well as the special conditions for the application of these bearings and assemblies were taken into account. This line of products can withstand high temperatures, extreme external conditions as these bearings are able to work under increased loads and have a wide range of applications.

A feature of this line is that the bearing and body are completely interchangeable. In addition, the X-SHIELD increased tightness seals and steel protective washer make the bearing inaccessible to dust, dirt, moisture, soil particles and other aggressive components of the environment.

In addition to this reliable protection, bearings and bearing assemblies of the new series are equipped with grease nipples for lubricant supply. This innovation frees consumers from the need to periodically lubricate the bearings, and significantly increases their service life.

HARP proved that no one else understands the needs of farmers and the peculiarities of the design of agricultural machinery. Its innovative developments in the field serve as are direct evidence that domestic bearings can be of high quality, durable and reliable. And what is more important, the prices for this product for the consumer are much more affordable as compared to imported analogues.


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