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One of the priority tasks of HARP is to meet the customer’s requirements to quality and delivery dates.

The work and activity of all HARP departments is intended to manufacture high quality products and provide high class customer service. Quality Management Service of the company provides proper monitoring of all processes that affect the achievement of the required bearing characteristics. Current production fully corresponds to the international standard ISO 492 and interstate CIS standard GOST 520. The Quality System, which meets the requirements of MC ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by the British company Moody International Certification Ltd, functions at the plant.

All HARP bearings undergo a full complex of quality control, which includes the control of 50 parameters.

HARP roller bearings for the railway rolling stock axleboxes have been certified by the Federal Railway Transport Certification System (SS FZhT) of the Russian Ministry of the Means of Communication and by UkrCEPRO Certification System.

Ball bearings, which are applied in automobiles, are certified in the GOST R Certification System.

HARP has a Testing Centre for antifriction bearings, which is accredited by the Certification Register FZhT MPS of Russia and by the Russian Federation State Standard. The Testing Centre is equipped with modern measuring equipment.

Improvement of the product quality and the plant Management System is performed continuously.

Introduction and implementation of the Quality System at HARP reduced the number of customer complaints to a minimum.

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