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tehno.jpgAll HARP trademark products are manufactured with highly efficient national and import equipment.

The company has the following manufacturing areas: press forging, automatic turning, grinding and assembling, cold-forming, nonferrous casting, tool making, heat treatment, ball and roller bearing assembly, polyamide products production, production of balls and grinding bodies for ball mills, design bureaus, complex of specialized laboratories, bearing test station.

High quality and life time of bearings are provided with a whole set of activities undertaken by the company. For example, all materials coming into production works, whether it is any chemical for cooling and cleaning solutions or metal and aramid, are controlled and tested. If deviations from the applicable standards are detected, then the materials are not allowed in the production.

The reliability of the bearings depends on the manufacturing geometric relationship of all components and the quality of heat treatment, therefore the plant widely applies neutral hardening and high-frequency current heat treatment. Heat treatment processes are fully automated, which enables to accurately keep all modes, and thus to manufacture high quality products. Final operations involve high precision universal grinding machines equipped with in-process gages and dressing diamond tools.

The plant is equipped with devices to monitor and control parameters of bearings and their components, as well as with automated machines for sorting and outer defect identification – flaw detectors.

Accuracy of the part parameters while grinding is achieved with in-process gages, which provide automatic cycle of equipment operation and ensure required quality.

Designers and technologists of the plant continuously work on the new product development and improvement of the production technology and design of the in-production types. More than 30 new types of bearings are mastered annually.

Alongside with implementation of new technologies and improvement of the product quality, the company focuses on the professional staff. With this purpose:

High professionalism of the staff is the basis of sustained and high quality production at HARP.