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Investment Project


The UPEC Industrial Group  is actively investing in development of HARP production capabilities.

At present HARP realizes a Complex Modernization Project on production the railway roller bearings for railway cars with total estimated cost of 25 000 000 EUR. The goal of the project is to launch the production of brand new high quality bearings, increasing annual output from 800 000 to 1 200 000 pieces. Moreover, as a result of modernization, HARP will be able to produce about 250 000 components for bearing manufacturers worldwide, along with launch of a new generation of cartridge type bearings.

At the end of 2009, HARP increased its production capacity of the railway bearings by 1.5 times: the company reached a production capacity of 100 000 bearings per month or 1 200 000 pieces per year.

Since 2011, production capacity for the railway bearings increased to 120 000 pieces per month (up to 1 500 000 bearings per year).

Today HARP has a full technological cycle of the roller bearing production, which are applied in the railway cars:

Improving of the technology process enables to halve the labour coefficient, improve the production process stability. Furthermore, it significantly improves quality and performance characteristics of the bearings.