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Environmental Policy

eco(2).jpgHARP environmental policy is intended to create and constantly maintain the conditions, which minimize any adverse environmental impacts (pollution prevention, waste and resource consumption reduction). Overhaul of the treatment facilities in the roller bearing workshop will provide the arrangement of the recycling water supply, regeneration of the particular chemicals and solution of one major problem –inefficient use of the city water. The project of technological re-equipment provides for the program of lubricating and cooling fluid cleaning and filtering. As a result of the program implementation, life time of the lubricating and cooling fluid will be increased, while loads on sewage disposal plants and environment will be reduced.

HARP emission points are equipped with dust trapping and gas cleaning units, which were previously put in operation and currently undergo modernization and complete overhaul.

Environment Protection Laboratory conducts systematic monitoring of compliance with the standards for maximum permissible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and waste water.

HARP Management strives for achieving of the sustainable development and clearly understands that environmental protection is an integral part of the development process and cannot be considered in isolation from it.